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candle-1068945_1920Funerals serve an important purpose: they allow us to recognize a life that was lived and acknowledge that the life has come to an end. Funerals exist for the living, for survivors who suffer the loss of a loved one. We understand that every family is different. Influences such as religious and cultural traditions, cost concerns and personal preferences make each funeral as unique as the person who is being honored.

Chiles-Laman Funeral & Cremation Services’ compassionate funeral directors are familiar with the practices of all faiths, so no matter what your religion, we will be able to conduct a meaningful service for you.

This section of our web site provides an overview of the different types of services that we provide. Our funeral directors will work with you to put together a personalized package, and discuss the many options and details that make each of our services a personal, lasting tribute to your loved one.

Traditional Funeral | Cremation | Meaningful Funerals | Immediate Arrangements

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