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Meaningful Funerals

Chiles-Laman Offers Many Items to Provide Personalized Service

Keepsake items made with rose petals from your loved one’s ceremony flowers.

  • Examples of items available: Rosaries, bracelets, tie tacks, etc.
  • Price ranges from $16.00 to $95.00

Legacy Touch, or thumbprint jewelry is made by the funeral director taking your loved one’s thumbprint, and that impression is then cast into a sterling silver or 14k gold charm.

  • This charm can then be displayed from a necklace, or turned into cuff links, just to name a few of the items available.
  • The price range depends on the current market value of gold. Feel free to call the funeral home, or ask your funeral director for today’s charges.

Cremation or remembrance jewelry is available to keep a portion of your loved one’s cremated remains or a lock of hair close to you.

  • Style selections range from very classic, like a cross, to more modern items, like a butterfly charm.
  • Cost of these items depend on the type of material used and detail work, or craftsmanship. Our selections range from $49.90 to $700.00

Memory glass is created by combining a portion of cremated remains within a hand-blown glass orb. This sphere then serves as a beautiful, one of a kind masterpiece tribute to your loved one.

  • Orbs are available in two sizes, a heart, a pendant, or a touchstone (fits in the palm of your hand).
  • Prices range from $150.00 to $420.00 plus customization.

Handmade wood flag cases are designed to display your veteran’s burial flag. Cases are available in light oak, dark oak, cherry, or walnut.

  • Personalize with a medallion representing the veteran’s military branch.
  • Flag cases are $130.00 and medallions are $12.
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